Our school was closed, but our teachers continued with remote learning. Though it was for only couple of hours in a day but we were all connected during this pandemic time. Children really enjoyed our morning circle, story time, arts and crafts, yoga and weekly themed movement games and activities. We also had quite a few friends Celebration of life.

Our Morning Circle Time

Dress-Up Day


“Thank you for the virtual learning sessions these past few weeks. Although my child did not originally like to sit,he looks towards to them now (even on weekends :)) We wanted to show our appreciation and dedication during these difficult times. It definitely has helped my child to transition to our new lifestyle. ” A Parent

“First, my wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for playing a critical role in my child’s growth and education.  He has grown so much in Little Gems.  I still remember he was afraid the first week when we dropped him off and he would hang out with his friend.  He is an independent boy now but he will miss this school a lot.  He has learned so much during his time with his teacher and made many friends along the way.  He has grown interest in plants, animals, dinosaurs and nature in general.  Second, I would like to thank you for continuing his education during this pandemic.  It was challenging for us all but having a zoom call was great for my child to continue learning.  Virtual is not ideal but you made it work. ” A Parent