6 Weeks to 14 Months

Primary Goals of Infant Care Program

  • Foster the development of basic trust
  • Assist in the natural development of personality, based on unique needs and wants
  • Respond appropriately to the infant’s needs to be loved, respected, and accepted
  • Nurture infants through their senses, allowing infants to observe and move freely
  • Offer holding and feeding comfort to our infants
  • Maintain a routine that will be both flexible to an infants’ daily needs, yet predictable so that the infant feels secure in her environment
  • Establish a partnership with the family.
  • Develop a stronger sense of self, self-confidence and independence

Infant Care environment

Our infant environment is characterized by order, simplicity and beauty which meet the needs of the child. The environment has a special movement area specific to this age group’s needs. In this space the children have access to bars for pulling themselves up: a quiet sleeping area with individual cribs / cots: an eating area equipped with child sized table and chairs: a physical care area for changing: an activity area which will expose the youngest child to the manipulative, sensory, fine motor and language activities, and an infant designed outdoor environment.