When making a decision as important as choosing a true, individualized Montessori experience for your child, a recommendation from another family can make all the difference. Read and hear testimonials of what real families have to say about their experience of Montessori education and Little Gems Montessori.

The School teachers are loving, caring, educated, just amazing.. They also have toddler class. School is also Montessori certified. I highly recommend the school. My son is learning and enjoying every day at school. The program and material taught at Little Gems Montessori School is perfect for the age groups. Glad I found this Gem!! ∼ Chaitaly Parekh (2017)

Our little one treats LGMA as an extension of her own home and rightly so. The family like environment that they provide has been the primary reason for our child leap frogging her educational and social development skills. The well qualified teachers at LGMA supported by an equally efficient administration has been the right nurturing ground for our child. We love how they focus on ensuring your child understands the concepts rather than just teaching them something. The best application of the principles of Montessori teaching in reading, writing and conceptual thinking can be seen at play in their facility. And, it doesn’t stop with the education, the extra curricular activities, whether it is art, soccer or the others they offer, has been a real bonus in getting our child understand and interested in these activities, which in my opinion is as critical to your child’s development as what they learn inside the class rooms. The most important thing is that, everyone in LGMA focuses on having FUN which is the primary reason our kid loves to be there and enjoys learning!! ∼ Raghu Krishnan (2016)

Thanks for all that you have done for my 3 children this past school year. My 18 month old sings the songs she learns at school daily at home on her own, my energetic 5 year old son is fueling his inquisitiveness nature at home independently, my 4 year old daughter is adventuring outside of her limited comfort zone through your guidance. It is evident that you are aiding in children building themselves up as Maria Montessori said, “The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.’” Once again thank you for all you have done and we very much look forward to what the next school year will bring into our lives. ∼ Jessica Bordas (2016)

This school is under the management of a Team of teachers who I truly respect & regard. My daughter had the privilege if being taught by all of these teachers & we were very happy to know, that all those like minded teachers got together to run this establishment. I have known them to be extremely approachable & addressed each of my concerns as their own. My daughter is in grade1 & still fondly remembers all of these teachers & their lessons & often mentions them in her daily routines. I understand the delima choosing a school can be & highly recomend this school to anyone who is in two minds. It was the best decision for my daughter, they give her the love of learning. Neeru (2014)

“I really like this school – well educated caring teachers. Definitely recommend it to parents that want their children in a caring and safe environment.” Faviola Michelot (2014)

“Little Gems Montessori is under new management with new teachers. The teachers are the best in class, It is a breath of fresh air to know I can fully trust my kids with them and they will provide a top notch education. The facility is clean and up to date with Montessori material. The teachers have created a fun loving, caring and respectful environment.”  Veena Mehta (2014)

“My daughter has been attending since the beginning of the 2013-14 school year. She’s learned a tremendous amount, but more importantly enjoys attending school, and loves working with her teachers, and fellow students.” Manav Shah (2014)

“We’ve had the pleasure of the Director, Mrs. Alladi, as well as several of the Little Gems staff teaching my son and daughter from when they were 3 until they started first grade. I always knew these teachers were amazing due to their individual, hands-on approach but I am still reminded of their skills today, a year later. My kids are now in 1st grade at a public school and we get lots of questions from their teachers as well as staff as to where they went to school previously since they are at the top of their class. My children are the most advanced readers in their class (by many levels) and are excelling in school. I truly feel that my children have this great foundation, a passion to learn and curiosity that was instilled in them from the Little Gems staff that will impact not only their education but their day to day activities for a lifetime. I wish they could still teach my kids! Best decision I ever made. They are ready to conquer the world and have a foundation for a life full of success due to their previous teachers!” Arati M (2014)