Welcome to Little Gems Montessori!  We are accepting enrollment for our Primary program. We are scheduling one-on-one tours after school hours and over the weekends.

About Us

Little Gems Montessori Academy is a private, licensed preschool and childcare dedicated in creating confident, self-reliant and self-motivated children from infant to kindergarten. Our curriculum is based on the development of the whole child preparing them to be innovative thinkers and intelligent leaders…


Little Gems Montessori faculty collectively brings in together +25 years of their teaching experience and depth of knowledge about Montessori and early childhood education.  They are passionate about Montessori approach and believe that this system of education helps in the development of the child in their formative years…


“Thank you for the virtual learning sessions these past few weeks. Although my child did not originally like to sit ,he looks towards to them now (even on weekends :)) We wanted to show our appreciation and dedication during these difficult times. It definitely has helped my child to transition to our new lifestyle. ” A Parent